Monday, October 8, 2012


So Friday night was the second football night game under the lights! Such a fun atmosphere and such a community event. There were so many people there of all ages. We held a contest for our Middle Schoolers if they found me (Becke) they would get points for their small group that they are apart of. The winning small group will be announced October 27th at our event " The Redneck Roundup"

Below are some photos of the game!
Also the group photo is our small group that we love, and love doing life with. Such deeply grounded believers who are passionate about living for the Lord. AMAZING!

 Sam and I

 Christine and I

During the National Anthem

A group candid of our small group

I found it so interesting seeing all the students we had when they were in Middle School who now are juniors and seniors. Wow, we have been here long, and its awesome to be the people who have been here so long. Although so many people move around us, its nice to be the people who are stationary and a constant. We are loving our friends here that we get along so well with. We love doing life with them! I think some of the best conversations I have had have been with them. They are super supportive of us as we adopt, and have opened their hearts and want to do everything they can to support us in the transition. Even if that means a 2 am phone call.  We have so much in common, and much the same heart in bringing the Lord to those that are lost. We are blessed!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Apple Pie Bars

So we have friends over Saturday night and I tried out a new recipe. Below are the prep photos.
Crust made and baked first

Oats, butter, flour, nutmeg 
Pan 1 of apples

Pan 2 

Topping covering the apple topping. 3 layers basically.
 A piece cut out, and ready for a willing mouth.

 Finished product

Basically the bottom layer is a shortbread crust, middle is cooked apples, the top is a oatmeal butter crust. There were many many raving reviews. The only thing I would do different is putting it in a bigger pan, so the bars are thinner.  After the photos is the link from the recipe.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

new coffee bag kitchen valence.

Many of you asked what I was doing in the Kitchen these past few weeks. I got a few coffee bean burlap bags and for the kitchen valence, I cut open the bag and then attached the bag on a rope to the wall. I then had brown ribbon I used to keep it nice and tight with a polished look. Super simple and easy.
 We collect starbucks city mugs, and this is a sample of how we have hung them in our house. Super simple. Get a long piece of wood 1/4 inch from your local Home depot, and then drill holes where you will put large screws threw them.  Attach the board to the wall, and hang your mugs.  We stained the wood to match the decor in our house. Hope this is helpful!