Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sinus Bronchitis

Yep- this is what I have. Sinus Bronchitis. I have had it since our anniversary trip in December and this will make the 3rd round of antibiotics. This time I am feeling a bit better after the second day. I went into the clinic yesterday, cause I wanted to catch this thing before it got worse again, and the Doc asked me some questions, then tapped on my cheeks. He was tapping pretty hard, and while my face was twitching and I was curling in pain, he asked me the famous question (does this HURT?). So, I said I guess from the twitching and body convulsing you couldn't tell???
New round of antibiotics, and nasal clearing things. Also we gave me some homeopathic meds to take to boost the immune system since I have been on  antibiotics since December. I will let you know in a  week how I am doing. Meanwhile Dan and I have had a down weekend watching the series "Once upon a Time".

Monday, January 7, 2013

Transition- Step 1

So we have made our first step in this transition. We are no longer staying at our house, but staying with a friend. But, alas our poor cat is alone at the house. This breaks our hearts as we are at a loss of what to do. We trust that the Lord is working, and is providing a place.

Its strange as we were acknowledged today in Chapel, I stood there and thought, I should be feeling, I should be crying or showing emotions. Why am I not? As many in the military community know PCSing is hard, and there is a defense mechanism that goes up a little bit before you move, and while moving. It serves to protect the heart from hurting. This is a challenge in the ministry to keep feeling when so many people come in and out of your life.  Thank the Lord we still feel; but this is different. Its different being the one that stays and others move, but moving instead of others is a whole other feeling.

Tonight we have a farewell at the chapel. I am nervous about it, and don't know what to expect. So, Lord this is me going with an open heart and giving your praise for whatever happens. I don't like surprises, so this is a bit tough. All I know is I need to wear a cute outfit that I want to be posted in photos and that I will want to look at for years to come.

Praise the Lord I believe we found a home for our cat. That has been the biggest heart ache for both Dan and I.  Someone contacted me last night and said they wanted the cat.  Ugh, my heart....
Hurts so much that I am overwhelmed.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, whats to come

As I read through so many other blogs and posts about (NEW YEAR) I am struck with the sense of expectation. What do we expect from God? What do we desire? Are our desires lines up with His desires? I often think of something I heard of a few years back, that is, if the Lord never blesses you again would you still praise Him? I think of that today as we are in January 2013. What will our new year consist of? I pray it consists of Dan and I loving the Lord more deeply this year even if He doesn't bless us. I pray we would be tightly interwoven with Him that all other things would pass away. Sure I do pray for people, for Korea, for students, for so many other things. What hits me though is what is the most important thing?

We celebrated by watching a movie called Christmas in Canaan, and then blew up fireworks. There is a scene in the movie that struck me last night.

Here's to hoping and trusting that the Lord would do what He does, and that we would get out of the way.