Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life settling in.

We are settling back in to a routine. Life has changed a bit, and it much calmer which is a welcome relief. Please pray for our middle school youth group. It decreased in size over the summer, and we are in a rebuilding phase. Please help us as we bathe it in prayer for growth.
 We are picked up right where we left off with the adoption. The link below will have our latest update!

Thanks for joining us in the fight.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We made it!

We made it!
After a long journey we made it back home. Below are some photos of our time in CA.
I am excited about being back except the jet lag thing is kicking my butt. But, God is good and tonight I am feeling much much better.
    I am excited about my new role here in Wiesbaden. As many of you know we are adopting, and that means I will be at home more with the child. So with that I am stepping back from lots of things in ministry while I get the home ready.  So, with that I will be still volunteering with the Junior high youth group, and doing a girls study but will be taking a step back from high school youth group.
One reason is I don't want to have to leave the group in the middle of the year, and thought it better to do it at the beginning. I will still be meeting with a few students that I mentor, and will have a mentor myself.  I am excited about this, but a little nervous as well. A new role, is a new season which means a new learning curve! (ODE to JOY! - that is for my mom in CA)
Below are a few photos from our time in CA!
Our friends who we love SO SO SO much! 

Romero's in Manifee! (so glad to see them)

This was a replica of the first photo Dan and I took in Japan.

Uncle Danno and Jacob

Vincent came to one of our supporting churches to speak on the life of a military student.

Candice and I jumping on the beach in Santa Barbara, CA

Christian, Dan and I in Huntington Beach, CA

Family day at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA