Monday, March 3, 2014

The whole30 a whole new you

For those of you that know, and for those of you who don't. Dan and I completed a program called a Whole30. 30 days with no sugar, wheat, and dairy.

Below is a note I put in the Facebook group on our journey.

Well, I just finished my first whole30. I dare say, I can never go back to where I was before. Literally. I am a type 1 diabetic with an insulin pump. I was up to 120 units of insulin a day, and my numbers were so crazy. I am proud to say, that I am now at 60 units total. I don't give myself any insulin for meals, and rarely have high sugars. 

Also, my thyroid levels are good, meaning my medicine is working and I am feeling great. This 30 day program really have given me my life back. I didn't even realise I was trapped in a sickly body... addicted to sugar, and made so many excuses. I have lost 15 pounds, and many more inches.

My energy is up, and I am much more productive. I have done so much research now on food, and such that I can never go back to where I was.

I ended the program with a intestinal parasite that took me into a tale spin of pain. 6 days of pain. when healed, I was afraid to eat fearing that pain would return so I got TERRIBLE TERRIBLE hunger pains. I mean so much so that it made me vomit to get relief! Crazy. Now that I have meds, and resuming slowly the food, (paleo program) I am struck with a few thoughts. Why is it that I never knew hunger before? It makes me think of all those around the world that face that on a moment to moment basis. I am so sad about that, that as an Americian society are so inundated with so much food that most of us don't know hunger. This could just me my take.

Anyhow, I am so grateful for the Whole 30. Its has changed my dependance on food, and my relationship with food. I now feel like myself again only improved!