Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve and Last's

Twas the morning before Christmas and all through the house,  people were starting to stir to see whats the fuss. When I with my coffee, and my yogurt in hand had just made a mess of the food in pan.  When what to my surprise I see a great site, it was dad coming in with a great big Mouse. I looked around to see what was the matter and realised they put boo (our cat) on a platter. I ran around the house to find my way out, and realized they were all still asleep tucked soundly in bed. I stepped way back to pinch my fair skin and came a across a pillow that was under my chin. I tossed and I turned to see what was the matter and found I was dreaming of one "The Mad Hatter"

Ok this was not really what happened, but the verse dripped from my finger tips, and I had to share.
Mom and Dad are in town visiting and we have been doing a bit of this and a bit of that. Its been fun to share the lasts with them. Yesterday we went to the last Christmas market in Mainz and had lunch and some treats. As I was entering the market it was in front of me like a plague that this was the last time I would be at a Christmas market in Germany, and the last time with mom and dad. I tried not to share as I didn't want to put a damper on the day, but it was ever before me, and it spilled from my lips a few times!

Also yesterday we received an email about Russia closing adoptions to ALL Americans. So we saw completely how the Lord directed us , and has directed us. This is yet another confirmation of where the Lord is taking us. So blessed and glad to be able to be following the Lord all over the globe. What a journey and what a life. There are days where its super hard, but its so worth the sacrifice when you see  someone come before the Lord and submit their lives to the One who saves.

May your Christmas Day be filled with wonder, excitement and awe as your worship the Saviour all day. We would love to hear how the Lord moved, and worked this Christmas in you and your loved ones.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Structure and God

During morning devotions I was struck with a visual reminder of our walk with the Lord. I first noticed the Bulwark and then noticed the crossbeams, the worn out pieces, the ones that have chunks missing that are more beautiful. Then it struck me when we first become a believer, we get the basic structure, the wooden pieces, (like brand new wood) not weathered
 Through our walk with the Lord and the circumstances we gain the insulation seeing the Lord work, and His faithfulness. Seeing the wood weathered through all of lives trials, adds beauty and character.
So, my thoughts are how many of us are satisfied with the basic structure? The new wood, without insulation... I think about the house built on the rock, or the sand.. How much more the world would be impacted if we allowed the Lord to shape us into the amazing structures He desires us to be.

So my question is: 
What do people feel or experience when my heart is not allowing the Lord to work in me? 
and the reverse is true: 
What do people feel from me, or experience from me, when I allow Him in?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Spending time with friends and family

 Wiesbaden Ministry Partners at Aschaffenburg Christmas Market on the way to CSM women's Retreat..
 My dear friend Melinda and I at Frankfurt Christmas Market Wednesday December 5th
Jennessa and I in Rothenburg at the night watchman's tour!

 Went to Rudesheim with a friend Carmen, and it began to snow! So fun!
Frankfurt Market and annual fish sandwich with the Haas Family.

Dan and I picking out our last German Christmas tree.


These are some of the current Oasis Middle Schooler's, the night we told them we were moving.

As we are snowed in our area, I am compelled to write. We have started to pack about 25 boxes and while doing so have thought about memories and growth over the past years. This continued while putting up our last Christmas tree. When we went to the tree farm lot, I thought I wasn't going to be picky, but alas as we walked around and around I realized how much I was wanting the perfect Christmas tree. The sentimental value of it being our last Christmas in Germany is more than I thought it would be. As we were hiking, Dan said, hey I think this is the one we need. I looked and it was exactly the one I had in my head. So, my Hero chopped it down, and be brought it up to the German tree man. It fit great in the car, and we brought it home to find a cat that was overjoyed with an evergreen water to enjoy drinking.

The ornaments were a whole different level of memories as well. Usually they bring out chatter about who, what and where. But, this year we discussed each one in great length. I (like I usually do.. made sure they were marked with the who, why, and where. Now all that being set up, we were able to sit and enjoy this our last tree. 

Tuesday Dan and I lead both our last girls and guys Bible studies. Please pray as we start to close this chapter. There are lots of things I want to share with each girl, words of truth, and am praying the Lord gives me that time to do so. I am also praying for open hearts. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Reflection on the LAST's

these next few months are a month of lasts. Its a bit surreal to know we are leaving in a little over a month. Today we got a quote from a shipping company, and last night we packed up our Starbucks mugs. A few weeks ago we shared with the students that we were moving. Wow, was that hard, but it was also so amazing in that we were able to share the Lord's work. We were able to share about how the Lord was moving, and they get to join this adventure. It wasn't about anything else but the Lord.  I loved their responses, one student shared, " well, I know if the Lord is doing it, than I can't say, but we are going to be ok. You have helped us to be at the spot to be on our own." Wow, there were countless students comments that were excited about God moving, and excited to know that students in Asia get to experience what they (the kids here) get to experience every week. I love our kids. They know its hard, but they are excited to see other students get the opportunity to have youth group. 

Telling people makes it much more real, and thats hard. Walking around the Christmas Markets here is surreal knowing that its the last time, and also going on our CSM womens retreat this past weekend. It was the last one with the Europe staff, and that was hard, but it was also amazing as well. Each lady shared her testimony. Was great to be able to put all the pieces together of all the bits I knew. I was the last to share, and it really was a God thing as I just laid it all out there. I haven't shared it too much, but was really healing to share, and bring it to light. What great community as I was reassured with Love and acceptance and not judgement. I love these ladies!!!!!


Friday, November 23, 2012

Following God

So some of you already heard that our adoption is on hold at the moment.

God has moved mountains, and moved so mightily in both Dan and I's hearts separately and together.
The last week of October we found out that Russia was restricting access into the country for adoptions, and we had to get our stuff in to Russia by November 1. We did everything we could do, but Illinois did not play fair. But, that being said, this adoption road has been filled with bumps and bruises. When we first started we were listening and following God in where He was leading. Through so many turns we went from Country to country, but this time it was clear that now is not the time for us to adopt. It doesn't mean that is completely done, it means its on hold. We trust the Lord that the timing wasn't right.
I went to a women's conference the last weekend in October, and Dan did some solo time with the Lord. Right before the conference the Lord put a phrase of a song in our hearts (song is Blessed be your name) and the phrase was there is pain in the offering, and you give and take away. Wouldn't you know it at the conference they showed a video of some orphans and in the video was a girl dying in her bed, and two guys playing a song over her, and it was the same phrase, with no other phrase playing.
I thought, ok God. I understand. There were many confirmations along the way as I went to a seminar workshop called Barren Womb not barren soul. This was first hard to attend, as there were 3 ladies total along with the teacher. In this workshop we talked about all the passages the Lord was impressing on my heart for the last 3 months, but also added a Psalm.

Psalm 127:3-5

New International Version (NIV)
Children are a heritage from the Lord,
    offspring a reward from him.
Like arrows in the hands of a warrior
    are children born in one’s youth.
Blessed is the man
    whose quiver is full of them.
They will not be put to shame
    when they contend with their opponents in court.

What hit me the most with this Psalm, was that not anywhere does it say natural born, or specific to giving birth, or adoption. This was life changing for me as the Lord revealed to me that not everyone can parent thousands of kids and when you get to Heaven, you will see all the kids that call you mom.

All that being said, the Lord confirmed in our hearts that it was time to move. He needed us to sacrifice our desires now for natural kids for His desire for the lost. While our desire for a family is huge, His desire to reach the lost is bigger. So, this is us walking in obedience to the Lord.  God's desire is so much bigger and we are not here on earth for us, we are on this earth to honour and worship the Lord.
He's in charge, so why wouldn't we follow where He says to go, if we don't who would want to be around us... (aka Jonah and whale)

We will be leaving Germany Jan 31st. We are still in need of about 800/month support but we are trusting that the Lord will provide. If He's called us to it, He will lead us thru it.

Monday, October 8, 2012


So Friday night was the second football night game under the lights! Such a fun atmosphere and such a community event. There were so many people there of all ages. We held a contest for our Middle Schoolers if they found me (Becke) they would get points for their small group that they are apart of. The winning small group will be announced October 27th at our event " The Redneck Roundup"

Below are some photos of the game!
Also the group photo is our small group that we love, and love doing life with. Such deeply grounded believers who are passionate about living for the Lord. AMAZING!

 Sam and I

 Christine and I

During the National Anthem

A group candid of our small group

I found it so interesting seeing all the students we had when they were in Middle School who now are juniors and seniors. Wow, we have been here long, and its awesome to be the people who have been here so long. Although so many people move around us, its nice to be the people who are stationary and a constant. We are loving our friends here that we get along so well with. We love doing life with them! I think some of the best conversations I have had have been with them. They are super supportive of us as we adopt, and have opened their hearts and want to do everything they can to support us in the transition. Even if that means a 2 am phone call.  We have so much in common, and much the same heart in bringing the Lord to those that are lost. We are blessed!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Apple Pie Bars

So we have friends over Saturday night and I tried out a new recipe. Below are the prep photos.
Crust made and baked first

Oats, butter, flour, nutmeg 
Pan 1 of apples

Pan 2 

Topping covering the apple topping. 3 layers basically.
 A piece cut out, and ready for a willing mouth.

 Finished product

Basically the bottom layer is a shortbread crust, middle is cooked apples, the top is a oatmeal butter crust. There were many many raving reviews. The only thing I would do different is putting it in a bigger pan, so the bars are thinner.  After the photos is the link from the recipe.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

new coffee bag kitchen valence.

Many of you asked what I was doing in the Kitchen these past few weeks. I got a few coffee bean burlap bags and for the kitchen valence, I cut open the bag and then attached the bag on a rope to the wall. I then had brown ribbon I used to keep it nice and tight with a polished look. Super simple and easy.
 We collect starbucks city mugs, and this is a sample of how we have hung them in our house. Super simple. Get a long piece of wood 1/4 inch from your local Home depot, and then drill holes where you will put large screws threw them.  Attach the board to the wall, and hang your mugs.  We stained the wood to match the decor in our house. Hope this is helpful!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life settling in.

We are settling back in to a routine. Life has changed a bit, and it much calmer which is a welcome relief. Please pray for our middle school youth group. It decreased in size over the summer, and we are in a rebuilding phase. Please help us as we bathe it in prayer for growth.
 We are picked up right where we left off with the adoption. The link below will have our latest update!

Thanks for joining us in the fight.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We made it!

We made it!
After a long journey we made it back home. Below are some photos of our time in CA.
I am excited about being back except the jet lag thing is kicking my butt. But, God is good and tonight I am feeling much much better.
    I am excited about my new role here in Wiesbaden. As many of you know we are adopting, and that means I will be at home more with the child. So with that I am stepping back from lots of things in ministry while I get the home ready.  So, with that I will be still volunteering with the Junior high youth group, and doing a girls study but will be taking a step back from high school youth group.
One reason is I don't want to have to leave the group in the middle of the year, and thought it better to do it at the beginning. I will still be meeting with a few students that I mentor, and will have a mentor myself.  I am excited about this, but a little nervous as well. A new role, is a new season which means a new learning curve! (ODE to JOY! - that is for my mom in CA)
Below are a few photos from our time in CA!
Our friends who we love SO SO SO much! 

Romero's in Manifee! (so glad to see them)

This was a replica of the first photo Dan and I took in Japan.

Uncle Danno and Jacob

Vincent came to one of our supporting churches to speak on the life of a military student.

Candice and I jumping on the beach in Santa Barbara, CA

Christian, Dan and I in Huntington Beach, CA

Family day at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Broken children, grown up pain

As I reflect on the journey we began in Colorado, (well the continued journey God is taking and growing us) I am reminded of how words and actions of others when children are children, have a big impact on who they become. God is in charge of all, and redeems the years the locusts ate, and that gives tremendous hope and courage to face the hurts and wounded words.

As a child, I was and still am super tender hearted. That is not a bad thing, but it is bad when others want to verbally abuse you. Throughout my life, I have been put down, slammed down, abused, mistreated, overlooked, and taken advantage of. There has been much shame and lies that I have believed for a long time. When we take the step of faith and are courageous and trust God for who HE is, there is tremendous healing that takes place. I think so often we live in pain that is comfortable. I did for a long time. I lived in pain cause I knew the pain, and knew how to get by with it. But the amazing thing is when we take steps for healing although its unfamiliar most of the time its better than we expected. The lie that is often believed is that God will abandon us, and bad things will happen, mostly rejection. But, if we lived with rejection our whole life, our filters in our brain perceive everything thru the lens of rejection. The lies are: of course they won't like me, of course they are going to leave me, of course I am unlovable. What A CROCK OF WHOOIE!

For a long time I have been loved by a husband who wants me to know, I am not the lies I believe.  Rather a wonderfully created masterpiece who feels as if I have been dropped, scarred, repainted and tattered.  Yet thru those layers I can see God removing them carefully.  Though I wish God would do as Aslan did to Edmund with a swipe of his paw and remove the 'dragon scales' and restore the ME HE knows is in there.

Can't wait to see what God is going to do.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Unsinkable Molly Brown

The Molly Brown House Museum 

Margaret "Molly" Tobin Brown was born in Hannibal, Missouri to working class Irish parents. Known as Margaret or Maggie, never Molly, she moved to Leadville, Colorado when she was 18. There she met and married James Joseph "J.J." Brown, also from a working class Irish family. In 1893, J.J. discovered the largest and purest vein of gold and copper ore known at that time. The Browns moved to Denver where they purchased the house at 1340 Pennsylvania in the fashionable Capitol Hill neighborhood for $30,000 from Isaac and Mary Large. Margaret owned the home until her death in 1932. It was here that she returned after surviving the sinking of the Titanic and earning her nickname "Unsinkable".


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Colorado- Good, and Bad

Today we got to see opposites of nature. We visited Dodi Green a friend of ours, and she took us around Colorado springs to see sites, but also we got to see the damage the recent fires caused.

Below you will see photos of the damage, and houses that have been devastated by the recent fires.
Such sorrow, such sadness. There really are no words.

There are signs like these all over, showing gratefulness for all the Firefighters who gave so much of themselves. What a picture of who Jesus is, selfless service. Our firefighters has such an amaing job, that I don't think we thank them enough.

After seeing this, and grieving we went to the Garden of the Gods. What a breathtaking view. This view was about 5 minutes from the fire aftermath. What a contrast.