Saturday, August 25, 2012

Broken children, grown up pain

As I reflect on the journey we began in Colorado, (well the continued journey God is taking and growing us) I am reminded of how words and actions of others when children are children, have a big impact on who they become. God is in charge of all, and redeems the years the locusts ate, and that gives tremendous hope and courage to face the hurts and wounded words.

As a child, I was and still am super tender hearted. That is not a bad thing, but it is bad when others want to verbally abuse you. Throughout my life, I have been put down, slammed down, abused, mistreated, overlooked, and taken advantage of. There has been much shame and lies that I have believed for a long time. When we take the step of faith and are courageous and trust God for who HE is, there is tremendous healing that takes place. I think so often we live in pain that is comfortable. I did for a long time. I lived in pain cause I knew the pain, and knew how to get by with it. But the amazing thing is when we take steps for healing although its unfamiliar most of the time its better than we expected. The lie that is often believed is that God will abandon us, and bad things will happen, mostly rejection. But, if we lived with rejection our whole life, our filters in our brain perceive everything thru the lens of rejection. The lies are: of course they won't like me, of course they are going to leave me, of course I am unlovable. What A CROCK OF WHOOIE!

For a long time I have been loved by a husband who wants me to know, I am not the lies I believe.  Rather a wonderfully created masterpiece who feels as if I have been dropped, scarred, repainted and tattered.  Yet thru those layers I can see God removing them carefully.  Though I wish God would do as Aslan did to Edmund with a swipe of his paw and remove the 'dragon scales' and restore the ME HE knows is in there.

Can't wait to see what God is going to do.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Unsinkable Molly Brown

The Molly Brown House Museum 

Margaret "Molly" Tobin Brown was born in Hannibal, Missouri to working class Irish parents. Known as Margaret or Maggie, never Molly, she moved to Leadville, Colorado when she was 18. There she met and married James Joseph "J.J." Brown, also from a working class Irish family. In 1893, J.J. discovered the largest and purest vein of gold and copper ore known at that time. The Browns moved to Denver where they purchased the house at 1340 Pennsylvania in the fashionable Capitol Hill neighborhood for $30,000 from Isaac and Mary Large. Margaret owned the home until her death in 1932. It was here that she returned after surviving the sinking of the Titanic and earning her nickname "Unsinkable".


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Colorado- Good, and Bad

Today we got to see opposites of nature. We visited Dodi Green a friend of ours, and she took us around Colorado springs to see sites, but also we got to see the damage the recent fires caused.

Below you will see photos of the damage, and houses that have been devastated by the recent fires.
Such sorrow, such sadness. There really are no words.

There are signs like these all over, showing gratefulness for all the Firefighters who gave so much of themselves. What a picture of who Jesus is, selfless service. Our firefighters has such an amaing job, that I don't think we thank them enough.

After seeing this, and grieving we went to the Garden of the Gods. What a breathtaking view. This view was about 5 minutes from the fire aftermath. What a contrast.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ohio, and Wisconsin

Here we are.... good times

 they are too cool!

The ending of our long journey, we stopped and saw a former student Andrew. Such a great honor in seeing former students still walking in the Lord, and giving back in their local youth group. Its such an honor serving and loving these students.

After a more than 5k miles we drove over about a month, we are amazed at seeing the Lord move. This trip was a different type for us, as normally we plan, this time we let the Spirit move and guide us where to go. Each place we stayed, we were blown away with what the Lord revealed. There were so many God moments, and conversations that made us realize why we do what we do.

We feel completely blessed by the opportunities He has given to be able to take this long trip. Even in the car we drove, the Lord was in. We made it back to my parents house for a few down days before we travel again. We headed to Springfield, IL to see dan's brother and wife. What a joy to spend some time with family in a restaurant called Quaker State and Lube.

Heidi and Lee Chi are long time friends. Heidi was my roommate in college. I met her in 1994, I have know her for 18 years. Wow, talk about feeling my age. We have seen each other go thru a great deal. We visited and got to meet her little ones. We met her little girl for the first time and wow is she amazing! I love seeing old friends, as its like were put in a different time, where we are all different but all the same but matured... Hard to explain. Hopefully you understand what I am attempting to say. All this to say, I love her....

Seeing the Lord again in Canada...

Canada, it was a lush and lovely as I remember it being. We drove to Canada thru Buffalo and drove the coast till we came upon Niagara Falls. Wow, was this amazing. Truly I forgot how amazing it was.
We took a Maid in the Mist tour, (see photos below) and that's where I encountered the Lord.
As we were cruising past the first falls, there was a brilliant rainbow, and I couldn't help but think how amazing is this. The Lord reveals himself to thousands of people each day, and how many stop and realize its Him?  Just when I was in the midst of the awe of the Lord, a dove (or what I thought was a dove) flew by. That's when I really was taken back by the Lord.
 Niagara at night.

 the one we took with so much wind...

How awesome of a view.

Leah and I at Starbucks.

We got treated to a pedicure!


What an honor to see Leah again and be able to see her world. I think the biggest honor is being able to meet her sister that she loves so much and talks so much about. I aced around the pool with her sister in inner tubes, and had so much fun! Thank you Leah for letting us love on her. 
Her family was amazing and their house was a little Oasis. The back yard and porches were filled with lush plants, plenty of spots to relax in, and then there was a pool. Oh, it was fabulous. Such great conversations with her family, and I can see why she loves them so much. The family of God is amazing!

Leah, we love you!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Seeing the Lord in PA

Wow, I don't know where to begin on this post. Our trip to PA was well... God appointed.
As we were driving, we pulled off of the autobahn (highway) and on to the B road heading into the heart of PA. At the light there was a guy by the name of Mr. Bruce who was holding up a sign sharing he had lost his home in the fire and needed to head back home. Both Dan and I looked at each other and knew we had to do something. We rolled down our window and handed him the first bill we took out of our envelope. When he looked at it, he stopped in the middle of the street and cried. He said he was a Christian too, and had been praying that someone would help. He cried and said, now I have a enough to get a bus ticket. As we rolled up our window while praying for him (after he walked away toward his bags) watching him was the biggest blessing he could have received. He was jumping up and down, grasping his hands together bringing them up to the Father, and just in disbelief. With that, he yelled out to us, "I love you guys, you have know idea!", and got his bag and headed to the bus station which was at the corner. As we pulled away on to our road, both Dan and I sat in amazement as to what just happened. Could it be we entertained and angel???  It makes me think of all the times in our life that we are busy and running behind. Do we miss these opportunities to be used by God, and also see the Lord? I often times get in a rush and in such (um, dare I say it, Road rage) that I miss out on the beauty of life all around. Lord, what have I missed that you have been trying to show me? Forgive me for rushing through life, and forgetting to notice you in the everyday things.

Our Spiritual Dad!

After we left Mr. Bruce, we continued to Woodland PA. There we spent 2 days with our adopted spiritual dad. Dad is in his 80's and still doing missions work. Age has not stopped him. He is working for Campus Crusade for Christ in Australia. Amazingly  he mentors and witnesses to people via the web, and in person. His life is a testimony of God's faithfulness in providing for the called. Well... God provides for all His children, even though we don't notice it.
 He recently had knee surgery and was recovering, so we sat and talked not only about life, but also about the Lord. I often sat and just watched him as he engaged in conversation with Dan, and noticed his sweet smile, and his eyes. What an amazing Man of God that has encouraged us, and pushed us closer to the Lord. Thank you Dad for leading those of us who are your children, and for loving and serving the Lord. WE LOVE YOU!

Williamsburg, VA doing life!

       What amazes me about military families, is that when you are reunited, its like you never left. I have felt that numerous times on this trip. Actually at all the places on this trip. Williamsburg proved to be no different.
        The Lord brought us to the Robinette's at just the right time, as they were facing a decision and we were able to be a sounding board for them as they processed. This is why I love working and loving in the military, people are real, honest and don't pull punches. We had great conversations with the kids (now not so kiddish, College and junior in HS).
Truthfully, I was a bit nervous heading to their house in wonder about how things might have changed between the time we saw them. Well, there was no change. They are still the same friends, only we are all a few years older. We were able to have conversations with both Haley and Zach about lots of topics, and we were so blessed to be able to share life with them.
        Another blessing of the trip is seeing another family we haven't seen in 4 years the Deltufo's. Before we got there I got a message from Abriana asking if I could shoot her Senior photos! I was more than willing and blessed beyond belief to do this. She was in Middle School the last time I saw her. WOW!!!

We went to Ripley's believe it or not, Colonial Williamsburg, and the thrift stop. Most of all it was a time to connect, relax, and rest. Such a great time of prayer, food and friends!