Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Seeing the Lord in PA

Wow, I don't know where to begin on this post. Our trip to PA was well... God appointed.
As we were driving, we pulled off of the autobahn (highway) and on to the B road heading into the heart of PA. At the light there was a guy by the name of Mr. Bruce who was holding up a sign sharing he had lost his home in the fire and needed to head back home. Both Dan and I looked at each other and knew we had to do something. We rolled down our window and handed him the first bill we took out of our envelope. When he looked at it, he stopped in the middle of the street and cried. He said he was a Christian too, and had been praying that someone would help. He cried and said, now I have a enough to get a bus ticket. As we rolled up our window while praying for him (after he walked away toward his bags) watching him was the biggest blessing he could have received. He was jumping up and down, grasping his hands together bringing them up to the Father, and just in disbelief. With that, he yelled out to us, "I love you guys, you have know idea!", and got his bag and headed to the bus station which was at the corner. As we pulled away on to our road, both Dan and I sat in amazement as to what just happened. Could it be we entertained and angel???  It makes me think of all the times in our life that we are busy and running behind. Do we miss these opportunities to be used by God, and also see the Lord? I often times get in a rush and in such (um, dare I say it, Road rage) that I miss out on the beauty of life all around. Lord, what have I missed that you have been trying to show me? Forgive me for rushing through life, and forgetting to notice you in the everyday things.

Our Spiritual Dad!

After we left Mr. Bruce, we continued to Woodland PA. There we spent 2 days with our adopted spiritual dad. Dad is in his 80's and still doing missions work. Age has not stopped him. He is working for Campus Crusade for Christ in Australia. Amazingly  he mentors and witnesses to people via the web, and in person. His life is a testimony of God's faithfulness in providing for the called. Well... God provides for all His children, even though we don't notice it.
 He recently had knee surgery and was recovering, so we sat and talked not only about life, but also about the Lord. I often sat and just watched him as he engaged in conversation with Dan, and noticed his sweet smile, and his eyes. What an amazing Man of God that has encouraged us, and pushed us closer to the Lord. Thank you Dad for leading those of us who are your children, and for loving and serving the Lord. WE LOVE YOU!

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