Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ohio, and Wisconsin

Here we are.... good times

 they are too cool!

The ending of our long journey, we stopped and saw a former student Andrew. Such a great honor in seeing former students still walking in the Lord, and giving back in their local youth group. Its such an honor serving and loving these students.

After a more than 5k miles we drove over about a month, we are amazed at seeing the Lord move. This trip was a different type for us, as normally we plan, this time we let the Spirit move and guide us where to go. Each place we stayed, we were blown away with what the Lord revealed. There were so many God moments, and conversations that made us realize why we do what we do.

We feel completely blessed by the opportunities He has given to be able to take this long trip. Even in the car we drove, the Lord was in. We made it back to my parents house for a few down days before we travel again. We headed to Springfield, IL to see dan's brother and wife. What a joy to spend some time with family in a restaurant called Quaker State and Lube.

Heidi and Lee Chi are long time friends. Heidi was my roommate in college. I met her in 1994, I have know her for 18 years. Wow, talk about feeling my age. We have seen each other go thru a great deal. We visited and got to meet her little ones. We met her little girl for the first time and wow is she amazing! I love seeing old friends, as its like were put in a different time, where we are all different but all the same but matured... Hard to explain. Hopefully you understand what I am attempting to say. All this to say, I love her....

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