Saturday, August 18, 2012

Colorado- Good, and Bad

Today we got to see opposites of nature. We visited Dodi Green a friend of ours, and she took us around Colorado springs to see sites, but also we got to see the damage the recent fires caused.

Below you will see photos of the damage, and houses that have been devastated by the recent fires.
Such sorrow, such sadness. There really are no words.

There are signs like these all over, showing gratefulness for all the Firefighters who gave so much of themselves. What a picture of who Jesus is, selfless service. Our firefighters has such an amaing job, that I don't think we thank them enough.

After seeing this, and grieving we went to the Garden of the Gods. What a breathtaking view. This view was about 5 minutes from the fire aftermath. What a contrast.

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