Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Williamsburg, VA doing life!

       What amazes me about military families, is that when you are reunited, its like you never left. I have felt that numerous times on this trip. Actually at all the places on this trip. Williamsburg proved to be no different.
        The Lord brought us to the Robinette's at just the right time, as they were facing a decision and we were able to be a sounding board for them as they processed. This is why I love working and loving in the military, people are real, honest and don't pull punches. We had great conversations with the kids (now not so kiddish, College and junior in HS).
Truthfully, I was a bit nervous heading to their house in wonder about how things might have changed between the time we saw them. Well, there was no change. They are still the same friends, only we are all a few years older. We were able to have conversations with both Haley and Zach about lots of topics, and we were so blessed to be able to share life with them.
        Another blessing of the trip is seeing another family we haven't seen in 4 years the Deltufo's. Before we got there I got a message from Abriana asking if I could shoot her Senior photos! I was more than willing and blessed beyond belief to do this. She was in Middle School the last time I saw her. WOW!!!

We went to Ripley's believe it or not, Colonial Williamsburg, and the thrift stop. Most of all it was a time to connect, relax, and rest. Such a great time of prayer, food and friends! 

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