Sunday, July 29, 2012

North Carolina, Virginia Beach (almost done with the trip)

 You get Peanuts while you wait for your food. YUM!

I am glad I got a small, Dan got a large and it was a lot of food. 

I think I forgot to mention going to Ft. Jackson. What a great place to go and see the new soldiers in Basic Training. What an honor. We stopped and met with our friend and chaplain Randy. We saw a bit of his world, and he took us to Five Guys! WOW! Can I say yum! We had never gone there, but glad we waited to go there. Most of you reading this probably have already gone there, but alas I have been out of the country for 4and a half years. Things change and are new. This is my journey thru all the new.

So, we headed to North Carolina venturing to fayetteville to visit the Rodgers. the two daughters were former students of Dan in Wiesbaden and are in college. One is married with a little one. We got to meet her new hubby and daughter and of course Auntie Becke (thats Me) got to hold her. What a joy!!!!  We had such a great time reconnecting and enjoying each others company.  What encouraging words they shared with us. We were completely blessed by time with them.

Forgot one stop, in Georgia we made to see former students and friends; The Malmberg's. They are wonderful team members who faithfully pray for the ministry and us.  I  (Becke) had never met them, but they shared that they feel like they already know me since they have been praying for us for almost 5 years. That is the most humbling thing is meeting people who have prayed for you that you have not ever met. I am constantly blown away by the family of God! What a blessing to be able to encourage one another along our walk with God.

So, after Fayetteville, we headed to the Murrays in Virginia beach VA. Oh such sweet fellowship with one another and reconnecting with the whole family, parents and kids alike. Their oldest  was in 8th grade when we came to Wiesbaden, and she graduated this year from High school. Wow! Time flies!
We had the privilege of attending church with them on Sunday! Oh wow! The pastor gave such a wonderful powerful message about stewardship. It was super challenging personally thinking of how I give my time to the Lord.  Below is the link for the message. I challenge you to listen and seek the Lord in this. Be warned, the Lord is moving!

We went to a great little diner for lunch before we headed on our way.  As we prayed and left, tears flowed, and I realized I need an emotional enema. I am amazed how so many hello's and goodbyes make the heart numb after a while. I never want to get to that point, but I am afraid (honestly) that I might be. Oh my heart hurts even admitting that. But, if I am honest, this life is full of hello's and goodbyes. Its hard, how do people do this? If you have pointers, please let me in on it.

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