Tuesday, July 3, 2012


June 28th we started our trek around the states with a stop to see Dan's brother and sister in law. They live right outside St. Louis and we haven't seen them since they got married a year ago. We had such a good visit, and time of bonding! Man, we love them! 

We headed to Springfield, MO on the 29th, and stayed through the 1st. We arrived, and got right to seeing the area. We went to Bass Pro Shops MEGA STORE. This was amazing, it was so huge! See photos below for a little glimpse of the place. We ate at Hemingway's restaurant where you could eat near the aquarium. Great fellowship with the Pridgens, and then we were off and roaming the store. 



Crazy sauces were on the list of items to see. So that is what we did. We jetted off and saw the rest of the store. We then went to some flea markets (of which there were tons) and then off to a Christian Theater where we saw a performance called "Living with Style". The Premise of the show was an elderly man who recently lost his wife, listened to the Lord calling in His life and went into a hard retirement home. He witnessed to all of the tenants and shared no matter how old we are, God will still use us, and just cause they were old, doesn't mean that their life was over. Was such a good message in other areas as well in talking about how we live today, that how much time do we take for others. How much do we share the Lord, the " Good News" or do we whiz on by people cause we have something else to do. How important is it to dive into peoples hurt and torn lives??? 

We went to Branson the following day where we saw an old five and dime store. They had lots of toys and memorabilia from times gone by. This was such a treat to walk thru memory lane. 
We ended the day with dinner and a show. The show was Yakov, a Russian comedian. It was a story of people from the Russian Circus. This was a fun time as they served us a AMAZING dinner in our seats. Our seats had a pull out table similar to an airplane, but the tables themselves had magnets attached so the tray of food would not tip and crumble all over the floor. 

Missouri was a great place, but what made it the most amazing was the Pridgens. They are such amazing people and we felt so encouraged by them. 

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