Tuesday, July 24, 2012

4 trips in one Blog!

Ok, I realize I haven't posted in a while, but here is my attempt to catch up!

After leaving Alabama, we drove to Georgia. We stopped in a small town near Columbus and were able to visit our friends and chaplain the Covey's. Such a great time of checking in, and seeing how the transition was going. Such a joy!

After lunch we went to Macon and stayed with another friend and chaplain who we are close with.
We went and visited lots of historical sites, and fun food adventures. Below are the photos of places we went.

 Momma Perry and I

 Randy and Dan.

 Alligator!! Yum!

 after dinner, this was the lake.

 Cow appreciation day at Chick-fil-a

cow #2

After Macon we traveled to Florida to stay with my (Becke's) pastor when I was single. Was so good to see them, and hear him preach on sunday. What an honor to call them friends!
 for sermon notes clink below.

 Ate lunch at a BBQ place in the Villiages. (an 80K + retirement comunity) People had their cars which were Gold carts. This is a souped up cart. 

 Dan and I, and The Lacognatas

We left Florida and traveled north to Augusta to visit a former student of Dan's. So amazing seeing students ten years later who still walking with the Lord, and seeing them as parents. What a joy!!!
Keely is a RN and she was able to tell us why we were feeling bad. Turns out we are allergic America! (hee hee... ) just allergies. 

Yes, we have been to so many places, but each one has such amazing memories, and specialness. We have truly felt blessed and overjoyed to spend time with all of our friends and supporters. 
After Augusta, we decided to take some down time for just Dan and I. So, off to Charleston, SC we went.  We stayed at Andrew Pinckey Inn. Such a wonderful place, where we were able to take some down time. 

There is many things I could share about Charleston. But what stood out to both of us where two things. First, on the second photo of Dan and I we were on the warf after dinner. Right after the photo a little boy came up to us and asked us to buy a grass rose. Dan asked what he was selling it for, or rather what the money was going too. The little boy stood in silence, and didn't know what to say, he just was stunned and looked around to find his master who was watching. So dan said take this money and keep it, and you keep the rose to sell it to someone else. You keep this money. Right after he went away and was forced to report to his master. It was so disturbing to us in the following ways. First, this was modern day slavery. This boy was enslaved (along with about 10 other boys) to this older guy who was  the provider. When we walked by the older guy, he was awful in talking with the boys. I know there is modern day slavery, and we want to do all we can to help but what do we do with this???  So we prayed....
Second, how is it, one block from were we where there was lavish lifestyles and richness. How do we justify this? Do we sell everything, and give everything we have??? How can we enjoy staying in a nice hotel while knowing there are these kids who are living like this. What can we do??? We knew the Lord blessed us by moving on someones heart to let us stay here. How can I enjoy knowing this? What as Christians are we suppose to do??? anything? 

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