Friday, July 13, 2012

Economy (both Physically and spiritually) in America

We have already driven through 6 states and a common theme we notice driving through is the boarded up businesses and houses. It hurts to see the America I knew with thriving little stores (mom and pop shops) that are no longer, and are replaced by the big guys. I understand the big guys are cheaper, but there is something amazing about knowing the owners and having that personal touch with them.

Also another thing was the corn crops that were all dead and dying. The terrible heat is wrecking havoc on all sorts of things here. Many farmers are having to plow their fields... how will they be able afford losing a crop. Breaks my heart. But.... what really breaks my heart is seeing images like this constantly

What has happened that all these churches are closed? Are the people of God not sharing, not building the church up? Were people not giving? Moved away?  Or is it cause they were and the Lord needed them in other churches... it really has made us think about the next 20 years, what will the church look like?   Just some thoughts we are wrestling thru and the observations of what we are seeing...

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