Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Little Rock, Arkansas

----LOOK AT THIS! These two guys came in together, and didn't talk at all just played on their phones. The only interaction they had was showing the other person something once in a while on the phone. So I ask, whats the point of coming in together for a meal??? Are we all so use to interacting with the computer gadgets and not eachother? Where is the one on one conversations??? (I think I am getting old)

We drove about 2 hours to Little Rock and took some down time. We stayed in a Days Inn, and looked for the places Local's go to for dinner and dessert. So, we found 2 places that were simply amazing. We went to a Pizza place called "Damgood Pies" and "The Purple Cow". Both places were great! We have a 5 cheese pizza with spicy white sauce instead of tomato paste. At the Purple cow, we both got shakes. Dan got a chocolate mint, and I got a peanut butter/chocolate. What was amazing to us was the amount of shake we got. There was a filled glass, and then another container filled and frozen for round two. We were both stuffed as we rolled out and headed back to the hotel.  Now, its off to have a wonderful week with the Maciels and Pulos'. We have been planning this for 4 years, and can not believe it here!

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