Friday, July 13, 2012

True Friends....

We have been blessed with a group of friends, (3 couples) who encourage, challenge, and love each other well. 4 years ago, well March 08 when we said goodbye we had a vision of reconnecting in 2012 where all of us would reunite. The vision became a reality as we finally all were together again to laugh, love and cry together! 

The blessing of being together and doing life together for a week was such a blessing in many ways. First, there was no reconnecting awkwardness as we picked up right where we left off but all of us had grown. Second, to see the kids come up to us (all of us) and say we love you, and have been praying for you... was truly an honor. (Man, I love those kids)
Third, fellowshipping over a meal 3 times a day, (and a good meal at that) was soothing to the soul. Something about eating together bonds us. (maybe its the calories united us)
Fourth, each night we would gather when the kids went to bed to share and ask questions of each other that were deep and soul exposing. There was no awkwardness in asking these questions cause we all completely trust and love each other. We felt safe to expose our souls to one another. This is what the church should feel like. (hm... why doesn't it?)

There were so many blessing that came from the week that they are to numerous to mention, but those that were there know that this time is etched in our hearts and minds as a sweet moment of pure Christian fellowship and love! I love you guys Maciels, and Pulos' with all my heart and would trust you with my life. Thank you for loving us and ministering to us with your friendship. My heart is so full!

 Gluten Free Cinabonn Rolls! (Leanne you rock)
Extroverts unite!

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