Monday, December 3, 2012

Reflection on the LAST's

these next few months are a month of lasts. Its a bit surreal to know we are leaving in a little over a month. Today we got a quote from a shipping company, and last night we packed up our Starbucks mugs. A few weeks ago we shared with the students that we were moving. Wow, was that hard, but it was also so amazing in that we were able to share the Lord's work. We were able to share about how the Lord was moving, and they get to join this adventure. It wasn't about anything else but the Lord.  I loved their responses, one student shared, " well, I know if the Lord is doing it, than I can't say, but we are going to be ok. You have helped us to be at the spot to be on our own." Wow, there were countless students comments that were excited about God moving, and excited to know that students in Asia get to experience what they (the kids here) get to experience every week. I love our kids. They know its hard, but they are excited to see other students get the opportunity to have youth group. 

Telling people makes it much more real, and thats hard. Walking around the Christmas Markets here is surreal knowing that its the last time, and also going on our CSM womens retreat this past weekend. It was the last one with the Europe staff, and that was hard, but it was also amazing as well. Each lady shared her testimony. Was great to be able to put all the pieces together of all the bits I knew. I was the last to share, and it really was a God thing as I just laid it all out there. I haven't shared it too much, but was really healing to share, and bring it to light. What great community as I was reassured with Love and acceptance and not judgement. I love these ladies!!!!!


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