Sunday, December 9, 2012

Spending time with friends and family

 Wiesbaden Ministry Partners at Aschaffenburg Christmas Market on the way to CSM women's Retreat..
 My dear friend Melinda and I at Frankfurt Christmas Market Wednesday December 5th
Jennessa and I in Rothenburg at the night watchman's tour!

 Went to Rudesheim with a friend Carmen, and it began to snow! So fun!
Frankfurt Market and annual fish sandwich with the Haas Family.

Dan and I picking out our last German Christmas tree.


These are some of the current Oasis Middle Schooler's, the night we told them we were moving.

As we are snowed in our area, I am compelled to write. We have started to pack about 25 boxes and while doing so have thought about memories and growth over the past years. This continued while putting up our last Christmas tree. When we went to the tree farm lot, I thought I wasn't going to be picky, but alas as we walked around and around I realized how much I was wanting the perfect Christmas tree. The sentimental value of it being our last Christmas in Germany is more than I thought it would be. As we were hiking, Dan said, hey I think this is the one we need. I looked and it was exactly the one I had in my head. So, my Hero chopped it down, and be brought it up to the German tree man. It fit great in the car, and we brought it home to find a cat that was overjoyed with an evergreen water to enjoy drinking.

The ornaments were a whole different level of memories as well. Usually they bring out chatter about who, what and where. But, this year we discussed each one in great length. I (like I usually do.. made sure they were marked with the who, why, and where. Now all that being set up, we were able to sit and enjoy this our last tree. 

Tuesday Dan and I lead both our last girls and guys Bible studies. Please pray as we start to close this chapter. There are lots of things I want to share with each girl, words of truth, and am praying the Lord gives me that time to do so. I am also praying for open hearts. 

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