Monday, December 10, 2012

Structure and God

During morning devotions I was struck with a visual reminder of our walk with the Lord. I first noticed the Bulwark and then noticed the crossbeams, the worn out pieces, the ones that have chunks missing that are more beautiful. Then it struck me when we first become a believer, we get the basic structure, the wooden pieces, (like brand new wood) not weathered
 Through our walk with the Lord and the circumstances we gain the insulation seeing the Lord work, and His faithfulness. Seeing the wood weathered through all of lives trials, adds beauty and character.
So, my thoughts are how many of us are satisfied with the basic structure? The new wood, without insulation... I think about the house built on the rock, or the sand.. How much more the world would be impacted if we allowed the Lord to shape us into the amazing structures He desires us to be.

So my question is: 
What do people feel or experience when my heart is not allowing the Lord to work in me? 
and the reverse is true: 
What do people feel from me, or experience from me, when I allow Him in?

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