Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We made it!

We made it!
After a long journey we made it back home. Below are some photos of our time in CA.
I am excited about being back except the jet lag thing is kicking my butt. But, God is good and tonight I am feeling much much better.
    I am excited about my new role here in Wiesbaden. As many of you know we are adopting, and that means I will be at home more with the child. So with that I am stepping back from lots of things in ministry while I get the home ready.  So, with that I will be still volunteering with the Junior high youth group, and doing a girls study but will be taking a step back from high school youth group.
One reason is I don't want to have to leave the group in the middle of the year, and thought it better to do it at the beginning. I will still be meeting with a few students that I mentor, and will have a mentor myself.  I am excited about this, but a little nervous as well. A new role, is a new season which means a new learning curve! (ODE to JOY! - that is for my mom in CA)
Below are a few photos from our time in CA!
Our friends who we love SO SO SO much! 

Romero's in Manifee! (so glad to see them)

This was a replica of the first photo Dan and I took in Japan.

Uncle Danno and Jacob

Vincent came to one of our supporting churches to speak on the life of a military student.

Candice and I jumping on the beach in Santa Barbara, CA

Christian, Dan and I in Huntington Beach, CA

Family day at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA

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Jane said...

Welcome home! I bet it feels great to be home!