Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A new adventure

This is our attempt to blog on a regular basis. Welcome to our blog.
We are having the most amazing time here in Germany. Wow!
Our first Christmas where we can decorate our own home and start traditions of our own.
The first began with Thanksgiving when we had our German Neighbors over. We did this for a few reasons.
First, to build relationships within our community, and second to share the Gospel with them. As we began the meal, we stopped and gave thanks the God, who is the creator of all,and giver of all blessings. We shared the history of Thanksgiving. One of our neighbors had some questions for Dan as they were gather food for their plates.

My parents are coming on the 19th here for Christmas this year and staying till the 28th, We are so excited to have them here as this is their first time in Germany as well as in a Military community.

Dan's mom is coming on the 31st to visit and help with the kids program for our conference in Garmish in January. We are so excited to have her here and blessed by her ability to work with children.

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