Monday, January 16, 2012


hey there, people who don't read this, as I saw on the side. So I have been reading many ladies blogs and they are basically keeping an online journal so they can look back and see what the Lord has done.

So I thought I would get back into it.

There are three things I would like to write about, one (maturity) , two (pinetrest) and three (life)

Maturity- This is currently what I am going thru:

One reason I have been enjoying this is I have realized how much I don't know. I was never taught how to be a wife, or how to manage a home. Although I wouldn't change how I grew up,  (well maybe a few things) I am trusting that when the Lord blesses us with Children I will be able to teach them things that they will need to know. I am such a Mary- recently Dan and I took a test (one of numerous) and I had an aha moment. You know those moments that pieces are put together for you?
Well, this was that moment. I love to think and ponder about life and relationships. Not a bad thing, but before I know it the day could get away from me.  The other of my strengths was (yellow) and I was noticing that only when I was in a bad mood. Recently I have embraced my need for order and organization. What the Lord help me realize is that with out order, I couldn't be free to be ponderous. One of my favorite versus' from the past year is from Luke 2. When Mary saw all these things and pondered them in her heart. Ah, lets just take a breath and think about that, She pondered (thought, dwell ed, meditated); doesn't that just make you want to just run with your thoughts (the Godly ones) and see where the Lord brings them? I find much freedom in having order, so that God can move in me with our the clutter being a distraction.  One of the statements in the e-book is that a cluttered home is likened to a person filled with sin. It leads to death, and a clean (renewed, forgiven) home leads to life. If we think about it like this:  Imagine you go into someones house, and the first thing you smell is freshly baked bread, and a farmers market Yankee candle being burned. You hear the laughter of little children playing, and if you stop long enough, you can sense that the Lord is near.  What senses and images does that bring up in your mind? your heart?
Now imagine going into (we have all been there) a house where the first thing you smell is Bo, or urine from the bathroom .You see cobwebs, and feel a bit uneasy as you walk in. You notice the kitchen is dirty, and the dishes well looked rinsed but your not certain. The house is filled with stuff, and kids throw things everywhere and don't pick anything up. You notice in the corners cobwebs and spiders are attacking the house. What are you feeling as you come in and sit on a couch that has lots of stains on it?

There seems to me a drastic difference in each house. I understand there are days where things seem out of control or busy and there is no time or energy to get to the house. Understandable.   I am just pondering these things in my mind now, and it makes me wonder what my house is like? Are people uneasy coming in? or do they feel at home?
I know that I will never have a super spotless house, but if I can allow the Lord to bring life into the house thru me, and keeping it up, then its worth it.

This brings me to my maturity thing. I feel like I am growing.  I know, I am 35 and should be well into it by now.  I feel like now is the time. Why do some people get it earlier than others. Furthermore I see so many people stunted at a certain age an time period. Hm... makes me realize why I love the age we minister to. Many people experience such trauma and scars from junior high and high school years they are stuck there maturity wise for years. Lord use me to reach into their lives, and shine your light.

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