Friday, May 25, 2012

I had to stop and pinch myself. Really, the GREAT WALL?
After a long trip of seeing God at work in Asia, we had a 14 hour layover in China and decided to see if we would be able to leave the airport. On our trip over to Asia at the begining we were told that we needed to have a visa that would cost 150 a person in order to leave the airport. (sound like the movie "the Terminal"). So when we return thru Beijing, Dan thought lets give it another try and so he went up to a counter and asked if there was a waver as we were there less than 24 hours. BINGO! Anthony (our teammate) also went up to double check the lady would say the same thing. To our surprise we were able to leave. Once out the gate, we realized we had no idea what we were gong to do, or how we were going to get there. That's when we saw a tourist area by the luggage, and they said we could hire a driver for 4-8 hours to drive us around, and show us what we wanted to see. We all pulled our money and decided it was worth it to have the chance to go and see China. So we hired a driver for 8 hours who spot no English. We were conversing with the lady via the drivers phone when we wanted to go somewhere else. We were acting in faith that we were ok. WE WERE!!!!
We went to see The Great Wall (which was 2 hours from the airport) and the forbidden city. 
We got back about 4 hours till our flight left, and were able to relish the fact we made it back to the airport, and safely. SWEET!!!
The team that went.
(Jessica and Anthony Amor, Jennessa Randall, and us!) 

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