Monday, September 30, 2013

Lost in translation

I visited my doctor last Thursday for some issues, and while chatting something that was lost in translation was no drinks. I was greatly disturbed for a moment, and asked to clarify what he meant. It made my translator a little upset cause the doc didn't know what was going on, when i asked the clarifying question. So, no coffee for breakfast?  it took a moment for her to figure out what I was saying, she actually called the doc again to clarify. He said no coffee with sugar. Ah...

I however, had already decided it was time to give up caffeine for the many side effects I had been seeing. I wasn't abusing it, more I really enjoy the taste of it, and love the experience with friends.
This made me think: What else in my life gets lost in translation?

In relationships, do we lose what people are trying to communicate with us, and assume they said what we think we heard?   While we were support raising we learned a phrase that has helped us in so many ways over the years.
"This is what you said, this is what I heard, now, what did you mean?

Do we get wounded from words that were never intended, or wounded from thoughts that never should have been?

In our walk with the Lord, do we twist what the Lord has said to make it sound better. Do we water down the truth, so we don't get offended, or uncomfortable? is the Gospel comfort? or does the Lord require us to sacrifice our comfort in order that His name would be glorified?

What in your life is lost in translation?

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