Monday, October 14, 2013

Francis Chan or God?

We recently attended a conference where Francis Chan and David Platt were speakers. I was so excited when I saw Francis Chan walk in. It was like I was seeing a celebrety.  Upon that thought, the Lord reminded me of this...

Would you have the same excitement if I was coming into the room as you do for Francis? 

Ouch.... got it Lord! From then on, I was excited to hear from the Lord thru Francis and David. 

I am co-leading a PWOC study called Not a Fan, by Kyle Idelman. Interestingly enough, its all on the same wave length. What does it mean to " Take up your cross and deny yourself and follow Christ, and what has your relationship with the Lord cost you?" 

I am asking the Lord, where are you leading? How am I following you? Is there something that is keeping me from following hard after you? 

I have enjoyed the followers journal, one of my favourite devos actually. Not that its amazing, but the practical things it has you do, God is using it powerfully. For example: Think of something that you put before God... Now, worship it, and pray to it. What does that feel like, or what does that involk. It was awkward as many times I would put Facebook before spending time with the Lord. So how silly is it for me to pray to facebook. I made a decision to not go on Facebook for a long while till my priorities are back in line. 

God is doing a total overhaul in my heart as I am feasting on the Word for hours. What a difference that makes in my heart, in my soul, in my marriage. What do you feast on?

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