Sunday, December 14, 2014


When I say the word Christmas what thought or feeling immediately come to mind. How do we recapture the essence, wonder and  stillness of Christmas.

It might just be my season of life now as I prepare for the next season, but this Christmas I am experiencing something different. Does it have to be just a season I am in and  dismiss it as that? Or can we keep it throughout the seasons of life; the wonder of it all.  I think about what its like as a child to experience Christmas and see that babies face, the simpler time. Are those kids not prideful and scarred like us as adults? simple beauty.  What happens between that time and now, or even as a teenager. What changes? The hurt, the pride the greed. How do we guard against it?
I think as next year we will have our child, and what that will be like. Will she see the beauty and wonder of Christmas? Will she see her Saviour or will she see mom and dad stressed out by all the activities and things to do.

I think in the midst of the holiday, we lose the wonder, we lose something in the midst of serving. The wonder requires us to BE STILL. Being still requires us to wonder. I think they go hand in hand.

Being still, what does that look like in Christmas? Can we even achieve it? Where can we recapture the time?
In the stillness, we rediscover EMMAUNUEL. GOD WITH US! 

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Linda KoreaSkype said...

this year you will have your child--yay!!