Friday, February 24, 2012


This past weekend, we took 36 people on a retreat to Bitburg! Marvels was the theme, and we talked about the Marvels of God. We had 4 people gave there life to the Lord. We also had an athiest who came, and she now believes God is real, and exists. Praise the Lord.

One of my favorite stories is on the last day we were walking back from program and V and I were talking. I asked her what she thought. She told me worship was amazing, and that she was moved to tears. She began sharing how she knew that the Lord was there.  When she was singing, she told me that her handed just raised and she knew that God was there. I began to share with her, that she touched the Lord's feet, that she experienced the power of the Holy Spirit. I also shared that throughout her life, if someone tells you otherwise that God is not alive, you can look back at this moment and remember you experienced the Lord.

Thank you for praying.

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