Friday, February 3, 2012

HS group!

This is our HS youth group. This year has been such a blessing to us. We have students eagerly wanting to know God, wanting to grow, and wanting to go into ministry. Amazing!

Thank you Jesus for allowing us the great honor of loving these students and many more who are not pictured. Please use us Lord in there lives. Help us to be real, and live a life that glorifies you above all.

The sad part of this photo is that in a month a few of them will have already moved, and in a few more months more will go. This is the hard part of what we do. Each time a student moves my heart is torn and broken. I don't know how people function in this environment without the comfort of the Lord.
Each year our youth groups change, and the dynamics change. Thats challenging in an of itself of what a great honor to share the love of God to so many who have passed through these doors. Thank you Jesus for each life that has passed through the doors of the youth house, and the previous youth house. May this building be a safe house where people come and feel loved, and accepted!

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