Sunday, February 17, 2013

Praising HIM -Even here- in this Hallway

Have you ever wondered What is God doing?

This has been our heart cry for the past 2 weeks or so.
As you know the door to Osan closed, or rather stayed closed to us. This was a huge surprise to all involved, as well as us. About that time there was a post on Facebook (yes there is good with Facebook) that was this:

This was right on time, (which the Lord knew) 
What was interesting to me is thinking on the idea of the hallway.  Am I uncomfortable in the hallway? or am I liking the hallway. Do I set up house in the hallway of life? Who else will I meet in the hallway that needs the peace and joy of the Lord. As we think about this time in between doors, we are blessed beyond measure. The Lord has provided above our wildest imaginations while being here. HE has given us up speakable joy. Yesterday was a hard day, and I had a meltdown. But when I stopped to think about why the meltdown happened, I realized I took my eyes off the Lord and His purposes and looked thru man's eyes (ok woman's eyes) and got thrown off of praising Him. 
Its interesting to me that when I am focused on what the Lord is doing, and what He has done in and thru us even here, I stand amazed. How can I not praise Him in the hallway. 
Believe me there are times I want to climb thru the window, but if I did, I would miss what God has for me here and now. What I am coming to enjoy is EVEN HERE God is giving joy, and my job is to praise Him in the hallway. I am also called to help others around me in the hallway, or who are stuck and frightened here to come alive to the knowledge of God. 
I start to think about what each of our hallways look like. 
MY hallway (usually during transition) my thoughts of the hallway are the image below.

This will be no surprise to many, but I think in people. All my life has been filled with memories good and bad of encounters with others. Many of these photo memories are filled with memories of the Lord. In fact most are, but there are tons of photos and images on my walls. People who have shown Christ, glimpses of God at work, and then sad faces of those who have chosen a path that leads to hardness of heart. Those are the images that hurt me soul the most. Usually in transition is where we walk thru hallways of life; ours in no different. While we leave communities and people we love, I envision walking thru this hallway encountering memories of things that have changed us along the way.

Thinking about hallways makes me ask the question, what does your hallway look like? Dan's hallway is so different than mine. As yours will be different from others. So what does your hallway look like? And, what do you look like when you come out on the other side. OR, do you ever go thru another door? are you stuck in the hallway?
Take a look at the images below, I fond myself looking on google at images of hallways, and that started my mind going a million miles in different directions.  There are hallways with building comforts, dark scary hallways, hallways with hardship, dispair, hallways filled with hurting people. What does your hallway look like?

IS it roomy, have you made improvements?Is the hallway different by time you enter the other door, or are you?

Thoughts that keep my mind processing change, and transition. So, here we stand with YOU Lord, we can do no more than to Praise you in this hallway!

Below is a video, or link to a song by Francis chan's daughter called "Even Here". This has become a dear song to us at this time!

I would love to hear about your hallway... or stories from your hallway. email me at:
 We are heading to Poland, (stopped for the night at a hotel) so we can help others. No point in just focusing on us, there is much hurt and need out there.

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