Sunday, August 25, 2013

First Prunning's of the Lord

Dan recently went through a study on bitterness and the effects it has on your relationship with the Lord. I watched him go through the process of releasing those things in his life, and in our conversations about bitterness, I realized I have some bitter roots that have yielded some growth in my heart. 

So today I started reading the study. I put the book down when I read the following statement. 
" A clue is bitterness remembers all the details." 

Hm. That statement hit me straight in the heart and I put down the book, and had to chew on it. As I was chewing I could start recalling situations. The author also talked about bitterness begins when someone sins against you. When you sin, its guilt that you feel and bitterness is usually caused by someone close to you. 
We don't get bitter from things that are way out of our circle, yes, things make you angry but not bitter. Bitter is a root that doesn't need to be cultivated, it grows on its own. The problem with bitterness it produces bitter fruit. 

I think there was a reason I did not want to read this book, cause I knew I was going to recall so many things. I never thought I had bitterness toward anyone or anything, but the Lord hit me like a hammer today. I began writing down things that I remembered all the details from and the pain that it caused. 
There is pain in bitterness even if the other person was not even aware of hurting you, or sinning against you. Its not your job to convince them, its your job to pluck the bitter root out of your heart with the God's strength and forgive. Easier said than done. I am going to take a solo day tomorrow and journal and spend time in prayer and walk with the Lord through some bitter roots. 

Here's to the journey! 

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