Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What do I filter truth through?

God keeps bringing in front of my eyes and heart the idea of truth. Through people and the Word, women's conference online... all of these things are bringing me back to truth. What do I filter truth through? Do I filter it through pain tinted glasses? Do I filter them through lies that I believe?
What lies are you believing?

Why is it so easy to believe lies? Why can't we embrace truth? Why can't we live in that truth of who we are, and what God has made us to be. Why do we as women compare ourselves to other women?
I know I am more aware of what I wear when I go to a women's conference, and women's time.  How often do we go into a room of women and look and size them up? Ok maybe its just me.

This past summer the Lord brought me through a total identity change. I feel like I was birthed into the person He has wanted me to be but I had been to scared to embrace it. Why are we fearful?
I tell you, if the Lord had not done that then, I would be a mess out here in South Korea. God's timing is perfect, and never late. So my question to you, what are you needed to be birthed through? What is it that you are holding on to, and believing lies in?  What will it take to embrace the Truth, God's truth?
What will it take to live that truth out?

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