Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The down time in Illinois


     Last Saturday, my (Becke) family got together at Anna Page Park for a family photo session with everyone. I think what strikes me as amazing is seeing the nieces and nephews grow up and realizing you have not been a part of it. Sure we are a part of it, but in a distant way.

     We are sitting here at Panera Bread during lunch time, and the noise level is so high. I think we are used to the quiet European settings so this is a sensory overload. We are almost in a mute status cause everyone else is talking. Are we sensitive or what... crazy. Its the little things that are hitting us the most.  Things like ordering a drink without ice, or forgetting and having my teeth freeze. Also things like the post office, or stores where you don't need to show an id.

I never really realized how much my senses are triggered by things.  I still am feeling a bit like  "Squirrel".  I can not go anywhere without senses being overwhelmed and we are in a small town per say. 
Tomorrow we are headed to St. Louis area to visit with Dan's youngest brother and sister-in-law. So excited to see them. Last time we saw them was on their wedding day a little over a year ago. 

So, we are off.... 
the first part of our journey we will head after St. Louis is to Branson. We will be there Fri-Sun. On Sunday we head to Memphis area where we will stay with a family that moved there from Wiesbaden. Will be so good to visit with them. Upon leaving there we head to Little Rock where we will meet our friends at the airport and head to the Maciel's house!! Super excited!!!  We will be there a week.

I will post about our adventures throughout our journey. 
Feel free to leave comments with ideas of what to do around the places we are going. 

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