Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Getting love from little ones.

These are my two Nieces on my side. Natalie & Kate. They are such beautiful ladies. I can't believe how fast time goes by. When we left for Germany, Natalie was in Kindergarten. Now, she is entering 4th grade, where did the time go???

Was fun to spend time with them, and of course take photos cause that is what I do!! 

We did have lunch with the pastor from one of our supporting churches today, and wow, what a blessed time. Was so good to here what the Lord is leading in each of the members and within the church. The Lord is moving.....

This Grandma White. She is the only living grandparent that Dan and I have left. She is a special lady whom I love dearly. She has taught me how to be hospitable and to entertain guests. She also has taught me the art of cooking.  I love her so much....

Culvers, a midwest favorite. Was a good meal, but alas Dan and I are paying for it, as well, food here doesn't sit well. Never the less, it was yummy. We stopped here for dinner on the way to my mom and dads house. We are taking a few days of rest and tomorrow meeting with another missions pastor from a supporting church. Please be in prayer that we would share what the Lord is doing in military youth here and around the world. 

These are the other photos of my brothers kiddos! 
They are such hams! 

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