Friday, June 22, 2012

Ending with a bang

The past two days have been a bit rough. As Dan and I traveled down to my mom and dads house, we made it safe and relaxed that night, but the next day proved to be dramatic. We started off slow and had a meeting with one of our supporting churches as a great place. Dan and I shared a goat cheese, spinach, and tomato pizza. The conversation was great as we were able to share with the Interim Pastor and the missions board.  Our hearts were filled as we shared about what God is doing in Wiesbaden.

Dan and I headed out to do some yard sale  shopping which proved to be short. While sitting at a red light all of a sudden the car lurched forward and Dan and I looked at each other like- "You're kidding".
Dan got out on the busy parkway and both cars pulled into the CVS parking lot. We called the police but they told us they would not come unless its over 1500 in damages.  So we exchanged info, well the lady basically gave us her info. As Dan and I left a bit frazzled we headed over to see my mom at work.

We waited till she was done, (about 10 minutes) and we then headed to Panera Bread!!!!! YES! Just what we needed to take away the anxiety of the last hour. We ate, had great conversation and then headed home. At home, we were making phone calls to people we will visit, and our phone provider canceled the plan or something. So mom and Dan went to walmart to figure out what happened and it turns out that when they sold it to us, they sold us the wrong plan or something. They felt bad, so they gave the right plan to us free. SWEET!

As Dan and Mom returned I noticed that I couldn't find my itouch. I had it at Panera and now couldn't find it. I looked everywhere, and so then decided to go in and change all our passwords. I was thinking, Satan, you do not win.

This morning I went on a breakfast date with my Dad which we like to do when we see each other. We went to a little mom and pop shop where I had biscuits and gravy! YUM! Dan went with mom to Denny's.  As we headed out after breakfast  to turn the car in to the collision place, I looked in moms car one last time and found the itouch slid under the foot mat in the back! I was so excited!!!

We were able to get a rental for a few days and then mom and I headed out to go to some Garage Sales. I found a few things, but she really took in the hall.  After taking a rest at a place called "Flat Top Grill" we headed to get some groceries for our family photo session tomorrow. After we drive up 2 hours to Rockford we are having a big family photo taken with different pictures taken as well. As we will be at a park we are planning on having a family picnic afterwards.

I was in awe the grocery store, as I couldn't believe how much stuff there was.

All in all, as the last few days have been a bit crazy, God has really given us peace in the midst of it.

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