Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A heart of a Youth Pastor's wife

As I sit here, I am awestruck by the vision of 3000 youth Pastor's, volunteers, Senior Pastors, all coming together to praise the name of Jesus. Camp is for the Campers. Yes, this weekend, we are at camp, and we are loving it. The amazing thing about a camp for those that love students is that we are all quirky and unusual. The environment is such that we can stop into any group and join a conversation. (although sometimes I need a bit more of a push)
We have been talking about being disillusioned with life, God, all of the above. While life throws at us many many curve balls, its how we respond to those objects flying that determine if we will get hit, wounded, or just bounced off of. While I admit its not easy when directions you think the Lord is leading changes, there is still a sense of hope in the midst of it all. Today in our general session Rick Lawrence asked us what taste of the Lord do we have in our mouth.  My answer is Hopefully and delightfully invasive. Ok, so we were only supposed to have 1 word, but I couldn't put it into 1 word. There I go moving out of the boundaries.
What I mean about the Lord being delightfully, and hopeful invasive, is this. There is extreme delight in knowing the Lord is at work, and extreme delight that the Lord is chipping away at the dead branches of my heart. That is where invasive comes in. Just like a medical invasive test where there is a scope that goes in and puts visual photos and examines your innards so often I feel the Lord doing that in my heart. Constantly I experience pruning in my heart, but pruning with a purpose. I know, and have experienced the Lord enough to know He prunes for my good.  The hard part sometimes is in the midst of life, fully and completely trusting with abandon.  Thus, when we are disillusioned I think its when we take our eyes off of the Lord, and His perspective for us,  and look thru our eyes at our circumstance.

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