Sunday, May 19, 2013

What are we hiding?

Check out this photo below?

What do you notice? I am struck with a few things.
We have passed by this house numerous times each day walking to the train station. I am always struck with the sheer amount of things that are hidden (or not so hidden) behind the house. The front of the house is a wonderful clean outside. I am struck with the thought of what do we hide from others? from God?
The phrase sweeping things under the rug, well how about putting them outside out back? What are some things we shove away, refuse to deal with, hold to ourselves? I know there are lots of times I don't want to resolve conflict and sweep it under the rug. I know there are things that I want to coddle and keep as my sin pet. Sounds weird to think of it that way, but I think its true. There are sin's that we don't really think are that bad, that we keep coddling. Gossip? Gluttony? Lust?
What are the things that you continue to do that are really hard to let go of?

If you have ever watched the show hoarders, than you can see something similar to this photo. When I watch that show I want to go in and clean everything, and dump everything. But, as I think about it, do I want to do that in my spiritual life? How often do we want to go in and remove the things in the back closets that have cobwebs from years of dust, and moths. Do we believe the Lord is our Redeemer?

But also, looking at this photo, I think of memories too. I am sure each thing they own has a memory; has a story. How do I process this thought?

Do I hold on to people and memories that the Lord is telling me to let go of?   How do I think of that? Who comes to mind when I think of that? No one person comes to mind, as I dearly love so so so many.
As I am writing I also am thinking of the rats, mice, and bugs that are under all that stuff. What in my life as I hold on to things-people is secretly being overtaken with bugs and such. All of this stuff could be good, or was good at one time, but now it looks like it has overtaken the place.
Also, it could have a whole other story that I can't even think of. Before we took this photo we saw the old man shuffle in the door.

All of these thoughts are really ramblings and processing ideas. I would love to hear your continued thoughts as you think about it...

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