Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wanderings of a scattered but centered mind

I am out for some solo time walking around the ville ( American village- really not since there is night but bars and food) I have my headphones in and listening to klove and 
get the word out cd's
The first song as I walked out the door was  the Love of God that wanted to pierce through the lies. Right at that moment I happened to look down and find a rock in the shape of a heart. Not a surprise, but a surprise at the same time. You would think that after all the reminders the Lord has given I would know without a doubt how much the Lord does love. There is a story of seeing hearts of where I go, someone prayed for me on 2010. 
Living in the freedom and confidence today of whose I am.

I am also struck with the darkness of this place. I knew we would be in a fierce battle but  didn't realize how much. I am walking thru the streets listening the Gods word and praying it over where I walk. There is such a battle for the folks here. Marriages- people-students either thrive or dive here. 
Lord help us to be used for YOUR glory, and come alongside those folks who are struggling. We are yours, thank you for what you are doing even now, and the people that you have for us here. 

I was walking back and the found myself worshiping the Lord with everything I had, even singing in the streets. The Koreans looked at me funny, but I didn't care!! I wanted to shout the name of the Lord all over, and claim this area for the Lord.  

God use me, in every way you can, for your glory, and your purposes. 
I am here, ready!

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